Saturday, March 13, 2010

Teaching During the World Cup

This will be a very special year for those of us who like football - or soccer -. Everuy four years a new world cup takes place and all of our time schedules get messy, meetings are scheduled for weird times, and so on. Some of my students have already jokingly commented that they are not planning to attend some of my classes because their plan is to watch as many games as they can manage to. I think they are not joking. I am sure that offices are planning their schedule on the basis of the game schedule as well - so that everyone can watch Argentina play.
For those co-bloggers interested, perhaps we could have a "Persuasive Authorities" poll. It may not be as much fun as some Canadian colleagues and friends have when they bet on how many paragraphs will a Supreme Court of Canada decision will have, but it could still be fun.


  1. Good luck to Argentina! I recall hearing or reading that former World champion Diego Maradona had returned to the sport, but now as coach of the Argentinian team. Is that true?

  2. He is indeed back as coach. So far, he has not yet proven to be very good in that capacity, but we´ll have to wait until the World Cup to judge him.


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