Sunday, March 7, 2010

Athletic Presidents

Who has been the most athletic American president? Historian James Humes shares his thoughts here. His answer is Gerald Ford, a college football all-star at the University of Michigan. 
I would make the case for George H.W. Bush, who played several sports through high school and went on to become an All-American pitcher on the Yale baseball team. 
Other nominees might include Dwight Eisenhower, a pretty good semi-professional baseball player himself, and Ronald Reagan, who was a multi-sport star at Eureka College. 
What do these four men have in common? They're all Republicans. Interesting, no?


  1. Although surpressing childish jokes about Clinton's athleticism, I do like to add that I think the reason is that liberals have more fun. Seriously, sports are more important the more protestant your understanding of the importance of competitiveness is.

  2. And Oliver Stone (in 'W') to me has given the most plausible explanation at least for the sport interests of George W. Bush.


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