Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I talked to a friend I haven't met for some time (naturally he's a lawyer, why would anyone have friends who didn't go to law school? seriously) and he told me he worked in the legal department of a big German network, the ProSieben Sat1 Media AG. They own four major TV channels. My friend looks a bit like Barney Stinson. I asked him why he chose the job and he said that he used to be unable to make the decision whether he wanted to go into television or whether he wanted to become a lawyer and so he became a media lawyer. That completely convinced me. In Germany for some years now we have a mock word for young people between 20 and 35. We call them The SWM Generation. Because no matter who you ask in Germany they all want to do 'something with media'. Something with media is among young students what modeling is on female Facebook profiles. Everybody is modeling. (For male profiles it is: 'part time DJ'). I'm not sure my friend is truly doing anything glamouros in his job because eventually it's just a corporate legal department (they may have fancy coffee machines though). But the point is: at least he's doing something with media. It depresses me. I'll probably only do something with law.

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