Monday, February 22, 2010

Harvard vs. Google

Interesting: Harvard Law students have filed a class action against Google, claiming that Google Buzz breaches their privacy.

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  1. Yes, there are serious privacy concerns about Google Buzz, and the information it shares.

    But the class action suggests that Buzz is an automatic install for gmail users. Not true. I elected not to install, and haven't been bothered by any more adverts since. So, isn't the simple answer: don't install it? Or if you've installed it, then uninstall it?

    It will be interesting how this plays out; and it is good that it will raise some public awareness about privacy abuse and social media. But in ways the class action represents the very problem at stake: people, if they are going to really guard their privacy, have to take personal control of it, and guard it. Don't hand it over to Google or Facebook, by installing this or that program, and expect these companies to do it for you.


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